13 May 2015
Ballard School - Team Selection Policy - May 2015

Team Selection Policy - May 2015

Ballard believes in the value of competitive sport and healthy competition. Every encouragement is given to pupils to develop their skills at every level. Members of staff must teach/coach pupils to the best of their ability and expect a positive response in return. Staff encourage values of good sportsmanship including both being good winners and gracious losers. The policy for our 'A' teams at any age and in any sport is to select our strongest team, but at other levels there is room for some flexibility so that some others may be given a chance to represent the school. However, with a limited number of matches available, it will not be possible to please everyone all of the time.

In addition to school matches there is a comprehensive programme of house matches which offers further competitive opportunities to a wider pool of pupils. On no account must a parent or guardian try to influence team selection as it is vital team selection is handled evenly and independently of parental influence. Parents should also recognise that there is an obligation on pupils who are selected to play for the school to be available. If there is any clash, then parents or pupils must alert the staff member responsible as soon as the team selection is known and not just withdraw on the day of the fixture. Pupils should as far as possible be selected within the correct age group for teams. Those out of age group will be recognised and the opposing school informed. If the fixture is a tournament then it is likely that pupils over the age will not be allowed to compete. This is relevant for tournaments in the UK and overseas. There maybe opportunities for those that this effects to take part in other opportunities as compensation. Pupils will only be allowed to play up an age group in tournaments, but may be asked for individual matches if they are gifted and talented and need to be extended. All of these decisions will be made by members of the PE department.