14 May 2015
Ballard Upper Prep Swim Team win the Ballard Gala!

Ballard hosted the new look Upper Prep Gala with Godolphin joining Ballard and Walhampton. This exciting gala saw Ballard win the U12, O12 and overall cup with some outstanding performances. The individuals saw many victories for the 'Ballard Sport' team and the 'Ballard PE' team also swum incredibly well. Outstanding performances by Molly H, Alex W, May C x 2, Dan H x 2, Grace H, LuLu H, Flynn D x 2, Harry S x 2 and Emily L. In the relays, Ballard Sport won every race bar the U12 medley by a finger tip from Godolphin (but Godolphin were DQ'd for a flier). After the disappointment of last year, Ballard rose to the challenge and the future in the pool looks bright once again!